Under Long Shadows
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Sprial bound, softcover; Riso printing
Edition of 35
Published 2015 (Limited 11"x14" Indigo printing published 2012)

Thousands of years of history have left Seoul a city under long shadows. These photographs search for the light that casts them.

The Seoul in my photographs is dense with visual chaos, flagrant and aggressive. Its stately hanok neighborhoods stand beside gangly improvised infrastructure; there is wifi on the subway and office buildings pushing neon lights skyward. Wave on wave of apartment blocks march outward--each newer and higher. In an antique shop, a Japanese teapot mingles amongst the Chosun brass. The militant rhetoric of the news anchor is a station away from the twenty gyrating legs of a K-pop ensemble and two stations away from a Baekje drama. In this Seoul, citizens shop through air raid drills; gas masks in the subway ensure that war is never entirely out of mind.

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