Transigram #93e5ba48
Cassette and J-Card
Edition of 75
Published July 2018

Made with a Single Pixel Camera, this image is presented in both visual and auditory formats. The camera is a simple apparatus I built consisting of a photodiode as its single picture element and a crude transimpedance amplifier. The circuit converts light into voltages which are then recorded digitally as sound that is analyzed as data to form the visual representation.

Constructing these radically simplified devices is a means of examining closely both my image making process and our collective process of reading images. It implicitly raises questions about the myriad industrial, social and political constructs that photography sits at the nexus of.

Kodak told us we had only to push the button and it would do the rest. We as creators and consumers of photography have been happy to accept that many of our tools or platforms will be black boxes for which we know the input and see the output but don’t entirely understand or care how one becomes the other. We have become functionaries, particularly in the digital realm. The value we create does not necessarily accrue to us. What are the workings of the black box?

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