Untitled Re:Iterations
Photographs from 2000-2014


6.5 X 8 inches 
200 pages 
600+ photographs 

Signed Limited edition of 100 

Published January 2015

Like many people in the 21st century, I am addicted to taking pictures. These images are a selection from my photos from 2000-2014 (spanning my late teens and into my early thirties). This sprawling series is not a tight and concise project, instead it’s a playfully organized document outlining my wanderings with the camera. It was a time I was preoccupied with observing the world and discovering myself.

My goal in this series was to try to inch towards making sense of all the data I’ve created. Sometimes I feel like I’m looking for patterns as though I’m performing statistical analysis. Other times it is about poetic resonance. As I sifted through my archive, I found that when a photograph was supported by others taken in a similar spirit, complimentary viewpoint, or contrasting idea. And then something grew. The sum was greater than the parts.

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