Michelle Murphy is a visual and performance artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Chicago, Illinois. Murphy’s humorous and tragic performances for camera, echo pressures reinforced by Capitalism to perform in IRL, and online, mirroring how life in 2019 is halfway between real experience and self-broadcasted internet feeds. Murphy’s studio-based work in photography and video includes experiments with artificial lighting, optical and edited effects, and time-based stunts. Their final work resides in archival formats and shared online, playfully using writing to revise canonical histories via searchable tags, citation, and PR “speak”. Their work draws from first-hand experience within the American Space Program as a full-time photographer for NASA from 2004 to 2015, during which time they accumulated an appreciation of NASA’s methodology and an awareness of the gaps within the space administration’s social history. Murphy’s current work revises exclusionary aspects of science and exploration and their research orbits around those omitted from popularized narratives. Website

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