Spectacle Box is a container to hold artist’s books, multiples and other reproductions in series.

It is a loose collective designed to leverage affiliated artists' resources in supporting and promoting one another's works. Coordinated by Michael N. Meyer and Todd R. Forsgren, Spectacle Box features a rotating list of collaborators and friends who's work they are passionate about. Their interest is centered on contemporary photography and includes everything from traditionally published books to informal DIY ‘zines and the full gamut of print on demand books, magazines, handmade artists’ books, and multiples.

Todd R. Forsgren examines themes of ecology, environmentalism, and perceptions of landscape while striving to strike a balance between art history and natural history. To do so, he employs a range of photographic approaches, from documentary strategies to experimental techniques. Website

Through visual and audio recording tools Michael N. Meyer immerses himself in the flow of time, pulling out fragments for examination and remixing them into a semblance of the world. His work is rooted in the materials and processes of photographic seeing and reproduction. Website

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